After the first edition in December 2022, we are happy to announce that there will be another Rainbow Charity Night this year! Mark your calendars for 27 April 2024!

This year’s Charity Night will include an elegant gala dinner and, once again, an art auction. There will also be a show to liven up the evening. By reserving your ticket for the gala dinner and taking part in the silent art auction, where you can bid for artwork by local queer artists, you will be making an important contribution to supporting the organisation!

LGBTIQ+ communities around the world continue to face stigma, discrimination and hatred. The Rainbow Charity Gala Night aims to raise money to support LGBTIQ+ organisations in areas where help is desperately needed. This year we are raising money to support the Prajd Info Centre in Belgrade, Serbia, an information centre similar to our Rainbow Centre, which has been attacked over 20 times in the last 6 years. The centre focuses on providing information on LGBTIQ+ issues, community building, providing a safe space and volunteer management. The centre was established in 2017, but is struggling with financial issues and currently fears for its survival. In addition, the numerous attacks on the centre have caused additional costs, while the perpetrators have gone unpunished. Help us support this initiative by attending the Rainbow Charity Gala Night!

Silent auction:

We are delighted that this year, once again, several artists from Luxembourg are supporting us. A huge thank you to Pit Reding, Alex Loos, Francesco Giampaolo, and Anne Lindner for providing their works for our auction during the Rainbow Charity Night.

You will have the opportunity to bid on the following works:

“La vie en rose” – Francesco Giampaolo

“Revolutionchild” – Anne Lindner

“Crack” – Alex Loos

Salacious, Sacrilegious – Pit Reding

In collaboration with Optique Moitzheim, our auction will also feature a very special pair of glasses in Pride design.


Besides the Gala Dinner and the auction, the Rainbow Charity Night will also offer a special program: we look forward to live performances by Medusa Venom, dancer Di Jovanessy, singer George Philippart, and stand-up comedian Joana Costa. The evening will be charmingly hosted by Dominique Vitali, our long-time host of the Luxembourg Pride!


Wann: 27. April 2024
Beginn: 18:00 Uhr
Wo: Centre Culturel Schéiss, 142, Val-Sainte-Croix, L-1370 Luxemburg Stadt
Tickets: here

The Rainbow Charity Night is supported by Zandbergen Eventcatering!