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Your community needs you!

As the oldest LGBTIQ+ organisation in Luxembourg, Rosa Lëtzebuerg asbl has been trying to improve the situation of queer people in Luxembourg since 1996. This happens through political activism, information and awareness campaigns, and organising socio-cultural events. Rosa Lëtzebuerg asbl depends on the support of volunteers. A community is always dependent on its members getting involved in order to create an even more interesting range of activities and offers.
Möchtest du uns dabei helfen, die queere Sichtbarkeit zu erhöhen und das Community-Leben in Luxemburg zu verbessern? Dann unterstütze uns dabei!

How can I get involved?

This is possible in four different ways:


Visit our events

As mentioned before, Rosa Lëtzebuerg organises various events throughout the year. These range from Luxembourg Pride Week and monthly Queer After Works to parties, excursions, conferences and exhibitions. All these events are planned and organised by volunteers. Like everywhere else, the more people participate, the more exciting it is for everyone involved. The vast majority of our events are in principle aimed at the entire LGBTIQ+ community, regardless of language, age, nationality, etc.

If you don’t find the right event for you among our offers: no problem! Write to us and actively help us to create more exciting offers!

You have already been to one of our events and didn’t like it? Then give us another chance and help us to improve our offers with your feedback and even as a volunteer!

Become a volunteer!

Rosa Lëztebuerg asbl currently consists exclusively of volunteers. The majority of our activities are planned in small groups and implemented by the respective members. There are working groups that deal with the legal situation of LGBTIQ+ in Luxembourg and formulate demands to politicians, there are working groups that take care of information and awareness-raising work, as well as working groups that plan socio-cultural events from Luxembourg Pride to parties and various other activities. Our members are always looking forward to new faces and exciting ideas!



Become a member

As a non-profit association, all events and projects are mainly financed by membership fees, donations and project-related grants. By becoming a member, you not only support us financially, but can also benefit from a range of internal offers and discounts. Finally, as a member you also have the opportunity to follow our work in detail and to help decide the future of our organisation.

You can become a member here!

BTW: Rosa Lëtzebuerg asbl has the status of an association since September 2021. This means that whole organisations, groups, initiatives etc. can become members. can become members. As a member organisation, your association can actively participate in the direction of Rosa Lëtzebuerg and benefit from all the resources of Rosa Lëtzebuerg. Are you interested? Then get in touch with us:

Support our work with a donation!

As mentioned before, our budget is largely made up of membership fees and project-related subsidies from the public sector. Since this is not enough, we also rely on donations. With a donation you actively support us to realise further projects.


Write us

You have questions about the General Assembly or Rosa Lëtzebuerg? You are interested in our LUXEMBOURG PRIDE? Or do you have another question? Then use our contact form here!