Help and information during the Covid-19 crisis

During the times of the Covid-19 pandemic, when physical distance caused by the lockdown is ever so important to protect our fellow human beings and also ourselves, our lives are instantly reduced to only the most essential things.
This quarantine will force us to get accustomed to a new normality and with this isolation often come new problems. For example, social contact is also a basic need for any human being and it is important to stay connected with each other.
There is a reason why the LGBTIQ+ community is considered a vulnerable community: whether you are (still) living as an outcast in a conservative home or you have little or no social contact at all due to your distancing, the situations can be very diverse. In this special we want to offer you some information on how and where you can find help.
Especially for those people who are feeling lonely and unable to have a certain (social) quality of life, we want to make sure you feel welcome. Despite the confinement, we are continuing our After Works every 2nd Wednesday of the month. So please join us and mingle with the comfort of your own house.
If you need help with personal matters or you need a listening ear, please don’t hesitate to write us:
You can count on us.

1. Help and informations from the government

For all official information and communication regarding the Covid-19 pandemic, please consult the web site of the Luxembourg Government:

2. Help in Luxembourg

For any individual who seeks personal assistance in these times, please have a look on the web sites of the following organizations:

3. Advice for specific groups