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Rosa Lëtzebuerg, founded in 1996 as the national advocacy group for the LGBTIQ+ community in Luxembourg, is an association whose work is based on the three pillars of political activism, awareness-raising, and the provision of socio-cultural offerings. Operating on the principle of self-determination, Rosa Lëtzebuerg relies on the commitment of volunteers and members who contribute their time and effort. Political demands or socio-cultural offerings, for example, are formulated and decided upon by the respective affected individuals in their own groups or commissions.

Since 2021, Rosa Lëtzebuerg has held the status of an umbrella organization, allowing not only individual people but also clubs and organizations to become members.

Social Groups

Pink Ladies

Pink Ladies

Pink Ladies is a group that organizes a variety of activities for cisgender and transgender women who identify as lesbian, bisexual, asexual, or queer.

Be(come) Yourself

This group is dedicated to facilitating exchange, networking, and addressing the well-being and political concerns of individuals directly or indirectly affected by transgender issues. We offer mutual support in navigating administrative obstacles and medical inquiries.

    Golden Gays

    The Golden Gays is a social group for queer individuals aged 50 and above. This group aims to facilitate exchange among older LGBTIQ+ persons and to plan shared activities.

      Rainbow Business Owner Network

      In this network, queer owners of small and medium-sized businesses come together to support each other. Rosa Lëtzebuerg, through the Rainbow Business Owner Network, is a member of the BGLBC, the BeNeLux LGBTIQ+ Business Chamber.

        Commissions & Workgroups

        To maintain the diversity of offerings for queer individuals, Rosa Lëtzebuerg relies on the voluntary commitment of volunteers. This occurs, among other ways, through various commissions and working groups.

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                            Member Associations

                            queer loox

                            queer loox

                            queer Loox is a queer-feminist film association that has been organizing film events since 2013.

                   LGBT+ Student's Association

                   LGBT+ Student's Association

                            This association provides a safe space for the LGBT+ community and allies at

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