On 15 November 2002, after many months of preparation, the Centre d’Information Gay et Lesbienne opened its doors. This counselling centre, founded and run for many years by Rosa Lëtzebuerg asbl, has always served a strong need of the community: to be heard and understood. It is thanks to the commitment of Roby Antony, Patrick Birgen and the late Mill Majerus that this project not only became a reality, but has also been able to rely on strong support from the Ministry of Family Affairs.


CIGALE has not only become one of the most important safe spaces in Luxembourg, it also houses the library that originated from the estate of the first president of Rosa Lëtzebuerg, Marc Grond, which has since been constantly expanded by CIGALE and Rosa Lëtzebuerg.


Today we are celebrating the twentieth anniversary of this counselling centre, which has since grown and also found its permanent place in Luxembourg. On this occasion, Rosa Lëtzebuerg asbl would like to wish the new team at the Centre LGBTIQ+ CIGALE all the best. We look forward to many joint projects!