Walk The Talk

Dinner edition for close corporate Pride Partners and Sponsors

The Luxembourg Pride 2023 is nearing and so it is important to our sponsors and partners to remind them why a Pride is still essential today. Diversity and Inclusion are currently very hot topics and companies are asking themselves the question if they are truly inclusive. Rosa Lëtzebuerg is working closely together with old and new partners to put actions behind words, hence “Walk the Talk”. As Rosa Lëtzebuerg, we also need our allies and strong advocates for diversity.

The newly created Rainbow Center is a milestone in the history of Rosa Lëtzebuerg and its importance in the daily life of queer people will grow over the coming weeks and months. So, we wanted to give a small sneak peak behind the scenes on what we are working on. Also, we wanted to give some insight into the history and future of the Luxembourg Pride, as well as an in-depth analysis on all elements of the Luxembourg Pride.
We closed of the evening with a lovely dinner that was sponsored by HSBC, to exchange between all the different actors and create new ideas on how the corporate world can learn from each other with Rosa Lëtzebuerg as a focal point. We are sure to have opened the door for more discussions on how to create a true safe space at work for all employees to feel accepted and valued.