A polyamorous person desires or enters into multiple romantic (and usually sexual) relationships with the consent of all involved.

Jim Evans designed the original polyamory flag in 1995. The flag consists of blue, red and black bars with the Greek letter Pi in the middle. The blue bar represents honesty and openness between partners, while the red bar represents love and affection.

The black bar stands for solidarity with all people who have to hide their partnership with multiple lovers from the rest of the world. There are many explanations for the pi symbol in the middle of the flag. However, the explanation that makes the most sense and that most people agree on is that it stands for unending love between partners.

Similar to other LGBTIQ+ flags, there have been many variations of the polyamorous flag after various members of the community decided that the original flag was not desirable. Some of the variations include the removal of the pi symbol and its replacement with an infinite heart symbol. The infinite heart symbol is a recurring aspect of the variations of the polyamorous flag – but this original flag is still the most agreed upon and most commonly seen.


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Blue = honesty and openness
Red = love and affection
Black = Solidarity
Pi = infinite love between partners