Aromantic (or Aro) is a romantic orientation that describes feeling little to no romantic attraction to other sexes. Aromantic as an identity in itself means that no romantic attraction is felt. However, there is a spectrum of other (arospecific) identities that feel attraction in certain circumstances/deviations from the norm. Common experiences of an aromantic person include disinterest in romantic relationships, only a theoretical understanding of romantic attraction, or an aversion to romance.

Aromantic people may also experience other types of attraction that are not romantic, such as platonic attraction, queerplatonic attraction, aesthetic attraction and more. Many aromanticists desire a platonic relationship much more than alloromanticists; however, this is not true for every aromanticist. Some aromanticists desire a committed platonic relationship and a platonic partner, while others are not in love at all and do not partner – these individuals would describe themselves as loveless. There are many different ways of being aromantic.

As with any romantic orientation, aromantic people can identify with any sexual orientation.

In 2014, Cameron designed this flag that most aromantic people have become accustomed to, unless they have been aromantic for more than 7 years. The symbolism of this design:
The two shades of green represent the aromantic spectrum, the white represents platonic love and relationships, and the grey and black stripes represent the sexual spectrum, representing aromanticists of all sexual orientations. This flag has since caught on and gained the most popularity as the flag for the aromantic community. As mentioned in Cameron’s statement, this flag design is explicitly for the entire aromantic community, including grey romantics, demiromantics, lithromantics and others.


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Dark green = Aromatism
Light green = Aromatic spectrum
White = Platonic and aesthetic attraction as well as queer/quasi-platonic relationships.
Grey = Grey-aromantic and demiromantic people
Black = Sexuality spectrum