As the oldest organisation in Luxembourg dedicated to fighting for the rights of the local LGBTIQ+ community, Rosa Lëtzebuerg asbl is proud of our partnership with Luxair Group.

Since our foundation in 1996, our organisation’s mission has been to raise sustainable awareness in society about the issues of the queer minority and thus to promote greater acceptance. As many of us spend most of our day at work, well-being in the work environment is also part of our efforts. We therefore also offer consultations and workshops for employers.

For this reason, we are extremely pleased that Luxair has taken the initiative and consulted us to not only increase the company’s internal policy on acceptance of queer employees through discussions and workshops, but also to implement various approaches to improve customer service at the same time. For example, the traditional binary greeting formula on board is being replaced by a more gender-neutral form. Much has already been implemented, and together we are working to drive further improvements.

Furthermore, with an aircraft that will be visible in the Pride colours at home and abroad for several weeks, a visible sign of the openness of the company as well as of Luxembourg will be set.

By the way, this initiative is also a great example of the fact that you can change something if you just communicate. Actually, the idea of doing something for the local community came from the employees. They have communicated and expressed the wish to show their colours and the management has followed up on this wish. We look forward to the commitment of the management, who have pushed this project forward and also personally participated in the workshops.

We say thank you, I say thank you for this partnership, because together we can make a difference for the LGBTIQ+ community.

Tom Hecker