Public Viewing

The Eurovision Song Contest has been popular for over 66 years and is particularly celebrated by LGBTIQ+ people. No wonder that in the meantime the ESC has become an integral part of queer culture.

As an early pre-ouverture to the actual inauguration (on 17 May), we invite everyone to come and watch the Grand Final of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest at the Rainbow Center.

The Public Viewing will take place as a community event. Rosa Lëtzebuerg will provide a selection of soft drinks for everyone to enjoy. The theme of the evening is Sharing and Discovering: There will be a small buffet where some participants bring specialties from the participating countries. You are warmly invited to bring your own drinks and small snacks to contribute to the diverse and enjoyable evening. Come and join us for a night filled with camaraderie, delicious treats, and a shared love for the event.

When: 13 May 2023, 18.00

Rainbow Center
19, rue du Saint Esprit
L-1475 Luxembourg